Book Review: “Golf Dreams: Writing on Golf”

Even an amateur golfer can realize the importance and connection the game of golf can bring to one’s own individual wellbeing.

Throughout the book “Golf Dreams:writing on Golf” by John Updike the personal stories of Updike reflects on his introduction to the game to how it’s played a significant role in his life.

The book is split into two essays. The first section called “Learning the Game” describes his first time playing the game at the age of 25 from one of his aunts to the second section called “Playing the Game” consisting of short stories he recalls from his past golfing adventures.

Updike makes some very interesting points within the stories he tells about his golfing past. He points out that golf is a sport that people don’t fully understand unless they’ve played the game. You gain an indescribable connection from being out on the course and nothing else compares.

This is a very accurate analysis because many people question why you’d want to roam up and down grassy hills and hit a small white ball into a cup over several hundred yards away. Generally, people wouldn’t understand unless they’ve play the sport to fully appreciate the connection and satisfaction that comes with playing.

Golf is more than just a game, it’s a way of life. When you’re on the course you don’t think about anything else except what your next target is. The game is a escape from reality that challenges you both physically and mentally.

One other aspect of the book that Updike talks about is that every amateur of the game will have a string of bads shots, but then on certain occasions have a brilliant shot and make you wonder why you don’t hit and swing like that every time.

This is completely true, he wouldn’t have realized that without becoming a golfer and playing the game. It’s something that will never become consistent. The pros make the game look easy, but for every other golfer the game is a struggle to find consistent rhythm.

I think Updike’s entire point is that there are only a select few golfers in the world that can play the game at a high level and keep it consisten enough to win. This is while the rest of the golfers in the world are bound by the limitations that everyone else experiences. Just like any sport you have to dedicate your life to becoming the best at your craft and most people don’t do that, but that doesn’t mean golf holds a place in their lives.

Golf has brought pleasure and accomplishment to many people and I believe that is the many thesis to his story. It became part of Updike’s life in a time where he needed it the most and brought him that escape from reality a lot of people crave.

Overall, the book was really inspiring and fascinating because being an amateur golfer myself it was great to read that some of the same experiences I’ve felt on the course is understood by someone else. I would recommend this book even if you’re not a golfer because it’ll give you better knowledge into not just the game, but the mentality that golfers go through and how it can mean so much for them.

G-Men Latest


So what’s been going on with the G-Men lately?

Well, Victor Cruz didn’t show up to voluntary workouts (not something to be worried about) and Justin Tuck has been going on about how pathetic of a season he had.

I’m glad to see Tuck has been taking the blame on himself and saying he needs to become a better leader this year like he was back during their super bowl run. He also believes that Giants will have Cruz and be ready to go by week 1.

Michael Boley,  Justin Tuck,  Kenny Phillips

The Cruz situation hasn’t really progressed since he fired Tom Condon and is now represented by Jay Z. Something every Giants fan must be thrilled about! Anyways, Cruz has until Friday for any other teams to approach him and offer him a contract and give the Giants a first round pick in exchange. If not, Cruz will have to sign and play under the restricted free agent tenure of 2.85 million for this year until a deal is worked out.

Cruz is looking to make somewhere around 11 million annually and the Giants are only willing to pay him 7 to 9 million annually, which I might add is more than Wes Welker is making in Denver and he’s been just as productive if not more.



With any luck the situation will be resolved sometime after the draft and the Giants will get one of their primary weapons locked in for the next several years.

As for the draft it’s still a mystery how the Giants will use their first round selection. Many rumors have the Giants trading up to grab Chance Warmack or staying at the 19th pick and taking Manti Te’o or Alec Olgetree.

Whichever route they decide to take they need to address the defensive and offensive lines to add some depth and youth. Also the possibility of drafting a safety in the later rounds wouldn’t be a bad decision to boost their secondary with the loss of Kenny Phillips.

The draft is a week away and all the G-Men fans are excited to gather outside Radio City Music Hall and welcome the newest members to Big Blue family.

Now or Never


It’s either now or never for the Rangers if they want to secure a playoff spot.

With 6 games remaining in the regular season the Rangers have some work to do before they clinch that 7th or 8th seed. The loss to Philadelphia last night didn’t help separate themselves from the Winnipeg Jets or close the gap on catching the Islanders in the 7th spot.

This season has been very up and down for the Rangers due to injuries and a lack of team chemistry. Many people predicted the Rangers as the favorites to win the cup because of last years performance and the trade for Rick Nash. Now, they’re barely hanging on for a chance to compete in the playoffs.

images“You have to respect the fact that every point could be the difference, so it’s a tough loss, especially this time of the year,” said Henrik Lundqvist. “But it’s still in our hands.”
Even Lundqvist understands that the Rangers backs are up against the wall and they need to keep gaining points these last few weeks to advance.
If there was ever a time for John Tortorella to step up and motivate his team, it’s now. 6 games left on the schedule and two of those games are against the New Jersey Devils, which by no means will be an easy feet since the Devils plan on keeping their rivals out of contention.
The Rangers should talk to some of the New York Giants players from the 2011-12 team for advice on how to gain momentum moving forward. Maybe that’ll spark a late season run for the cup.
Everything is right there for the taking, the Rangers just have to be willing to go and get it.


Marc Staal Back on the Ice


Marc Staal has started skating again and picked up his work routines to return to game shape.

This news couldn’t have come at a better time. The Rangers are hitting the final stretch of games right before the post-season and they’ll need Staal if they win enough games to sneak in as the 7th or 8th seed.

NHL: New York Rangers at Montreal Canadiens

Staal’s timetable for return hasn’t been determined yet because he’s still waiting for his vision to get better. Though, some concern has been raised because the doctors have informed him that his eye-sight my never return to 100%.

“It’s an adjustment, but there are a lot of guys who play without perfect vision in one eye,” said Staal. “I think it will be a situation of being out there and letting your more powerful eye take over.”

Even with Staal at 80% eye-sight will bring major improvement to a Rangers defense that’s been struggling.

With any luck Staal will be back in time for the playoffs and help the Rangers make a run for the Stanley Cup. Let’s just hope the Rangers win enough games to make that dream a reality.

Blockbuster Deal


The trade deadline has passed and the rumors surrounding Marian Gaborik being traded have been completed. Gaborik, Steven Delisle and Blake Parlett were traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets for forwards Derick Brassard, Derek Dorsett, defenseman John Moore, and a 2014 sixth round draft pick.

The trade comes as no surprise because the Rangers have been lacking depth and balance on offense all season.

Gaborik is coming off the slowest statistical start of his career with only 9 goals and 10 assists, so it’s easy to see why the Rangers knew they could get some value for him before the trade deadline.

imgres Derek Dorsett is on injured reserve right now with a broken collarbone, but is expected to return right before the beginning of the playoffs.

images Derick Brassard brings a tougher presence to the rangers third line and someone who knows how to win face-offs.

imgres John Moore will add depth and youth to a relatively young defensive crew that is without star defenseman Marc Staal.

Overall, the trade should prove to add more stability to an inconsistent Rangers team that has shown flashes all year of how good they can be, but have not put it together for a full 60 minutes.

Even with the departure of 3 time 40-goal scorer like Gaborik the Rangers will make due with star players like Callahan and Nash leading the team.

Movie Review: “30 for 30” Run Ricky Run


Ricky Williams went from being the fifth overall pick in 1999 by the New Orleans Saints to an early retirement in 2004. The ESPN FIlms 30 for 30: Run Ricky Run documentary dives into the life of Williams after his early retirement and then his return to the game after 3 years.

This film was interesting because it went into depth about the life of a very talented running back that saw his career plument due to marijuana issues. Though, the fascinating part of the story was that he decided to retire early. He was only charged with a 4-game suspension in 2004 season, but chose to retire rather than miss those 4 games.

The portion of the film that talks about his life during that 3-year retirement and his reasoning for leaving the game is very appealing. Getting to understand the choices he made during that time gives the audience another side of the story that nobody else knew and the film did a good job at displaying that.

The film had a very emotional side to it by focusing on William’s life and the struggles he faced with his family members. This was captured well throughout the entire piece. The interviews that were conducted with each individual gave the audience something to relate to.

One part of the film that could’ve been done better was the presentation of William’s NFL career. It briefly described his departure from New Orleans to Miami, but could’ve provided a little more information on how talented a player he truly was.

The strongest aspect of the film that separates it from other sports films has to be the underlining message you get from its context. That being that everyone has choices in life and even if you choose a specific path that doesn’t mean you can’t return again.

Overall this film was very good and well produced. It had a fascinating story that described the two different lives of Ricky Williams and how he overcame his addiction problems to return to the NFL and play for several more years. And had certain emotional aspect to it that knew how to keep the audience interested.

I recommend this film for not just football fans, but for anyone that enjoys sports and is intrigued by the choices athletes make throughout their career.

Mock Draft Fun


With all the mock drafts floating around the internet I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon and make one myself.

It’s intriguing to judge this draft class because let it be none there is a bunch of talent throughout the players, but lacking in the big name department (the Andrew Luck’s and RGIII’s of the world).

It’s a rich class when it comes to offensive linemen and defensive ends with interesting talent at other positions. So this poses the question: Who’s going to take who?

Other than just naming off my picks I’m also going to examine who I think the Giants should take with the 19th pick, but without further delay here are my first round picks in order by team for the 2013 NFL Draft:

1 Luke Joeckel, OT
Texas A&M
2 Sharrif Floyd, DT
3 Bjoern Werner, DE
Florida State
4 Dee Milliner, CB
5 Jarvis Jones, OLB
6 Ezekiel Ansah, DE
Brigham Young
7 Eric Fisher, OT
Central Michigan
8 Geno Smith, QB
West Virginia
9 Matt Barkley, QB
Southern California
10 Star Lotulelei, DT
11 Lane Johnson, OT
12 Cordarrelle Patterson, WR
13 Xavier Rhodes, CB
Florida State
14 Chance Warmack, OG
15 Dion Jordan, DE
16 Jonathan Cooper, OG
North Carolina
17 Damontre Moore, DE
Texas A&M
18 Kawann Short, DT
19 Sheldon Richardson, DT
20 Tyler Eifert, TE
Notre Dame
21 Barkevious Mingo, OLB
(from )
Kenny Vaccaro, FS
23 Keenan Allen, WR
24 Desmond Trufant, CB
25 Datone Jones, DE
26 Alec Ogletree, OLB
27 Tavon Austin, WR
West Virginia
28 Johnathan Hankins, DT
Ohio State
29 Robert Woods, WR
Southern California
30 Alex Okafor, DE
31 Jesse Williams, DT
32 D.J. Fluker, OT

I believe Sheldon Richardson is who the Giants should aim for if he’s still around that point in the draft. With the G-Men lacking at defensive tackle after releasing Canty a few weeks ago they’ll need someone big and powerful to fill up those holes on the d-line.

Now this is all speculation because the Giants will most certainly take the best player on the board. Though, they should consider focusing on a defensive linemen to help improve their 28th ranked running defense from a year ago.

We’re only a month and a half away from the draft and it should be an exciting one to watch and look forward too.

The Arrival of Hamrlik


The thirty-eight year old Roman Hamrlik was claimed off waivers Mar. 6 and now joins the blueshirts.

The move was in response to Marc Staal getting injured in the Rangers last game against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Bringing in a player like Hamrlik will bring some veteran leadership that the Rangers have been lacking on the young defensive end.


There’s no question that losing Staal will cause a little bit of an impact for the Rangers defensive rotation. Though, John Tortorella has done a great job all season pairing together the right lines in the right situations.

Incorporating Hamrlik into the rotation will be a fast one and he’ll benefit from being surrounded by a ton of young and talented defensemen.

His experience in the league will hopefully bring some jump and discipline to the Rangers defensively and keep them on track while Staal is out of the lineup.

Hamrlik also has something to prove after being dropped by the Washington Capitals this season by showing he’s still got the skills to play at his age.

The one stat that’s intriguing is that 14 out of the 16 seasons he’s been in the league the team he’s played for has gotten into the playoffs. Those odds might work in the Rangers favor.

Nash Clutch in the Third


Rick Nash has proven to be the dynamic difference maker the Rangers were hoping for when they traded for him.

All seven of his goals have come in the third period of games. How does it get more clutch than that?


His physical ability, size, and stick handling skills have brought a fantastic boost to the Rangers offense. He’s a difference maker when needed to be and provides a spring in each players step when he jumps onto the ice.

The Rangers are 11-5-1 when he’s in the lineup and 0-3-1 when he’s out. That speaks volumes for how much of an important player he is for this franchise.

If the Rangers plan on getting back in the playoff hunt it’ll be behind Nash and a newly resurged captain Ryan Callahan.

Wasted Franchise Tag?


Did the Giants waste their opportunity to use the franchise tag this past monday? Or was it the right move?

Many people predicted that Giants would use their tag on left tackle Will Beaty, but he agreed to terms on a 5-year contract extension worth 38.7 million on Feb. 27.


The Giants have other free agents they could’ve signed just as defensive end Osi Umenyoria, safety Kenny Phillips, left guard Kevin Boothe, tight end martellus Bennett, kicker Lawrence Tynes and linebackers Chase Blackburn and Keith Rivers.

Any of these suitors could’ve comeback to the team and made an impact in some fashion, but it seems Reece and Coughlin have chosen to go a younger route with the team this year. By signing these players back they’ll have less cap room to work with and just recently got back under the cap contact restructuring.

One player that they should’ve franchised was Victor Cruz.

Contract talks with him have come to a standstill and don’t seem to be progressing enough before free agency opens on March 12th. It’ll be interesting to see how the Giants will deal with his new contract before then.